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Linking a community across the UK – a national network of local makers. Encouraging collaboration and engagement to solve problems creatively.


Artisanry to me is essential. I only have one pair of hands with which to sew and to paint, and sewing and painting is only half of what I have to do. A platform for people such as myself is essential for my moving onwards and upwards. I cannot afford the exhorbitant rates of craft shows, yet with my very positive return on sales I have made, I know my product will sell to a wider audience. But, how do I GET that wider audience at the same time as using my hands to make? Making is one thing, but then, there are the details, and all of it has a high price, new equipment, branding, labels, packaging, so how is it possible that I can get to a platform that will propel me, to borrow a phrase from the Olympics, "Further, higher and faster"? To purchase the brushes, the paints, the sewing machines, the upholstery courses, the transport and the space in which to work? Artisanry. It is for people like me, who share the same driven goals and aspirations and a place where buyers can find something new, to have a good turnover of stock to keep their businesses fresh and invigorated. Artisanry is the key I need to open the lock that restricts my having just one pair of hands.

Mags, Artisan


For the past 10 years I have worked in the Third Sector and experienced first hand the challenges facing creatives and artisans in trying to secure affordable workspace and in setting up and establishing their practice. Often, the lack of a business or enterprise background is a serious barrier to development, no matter how talented or unique the work of the individual is. Edinburgh Palette has sought to bridge this gap through affordable studios, exhibition and event space, however tending to the bespoke needs of over 500 tenants is a major challenge for a small charity - particularly in resource and staffing terms.
From my meeting with Bhawna it is clear she has the business acumen and understanding required to assist creatives and artisans to succeed in their ventures. She is also offering her services for the right reasons, with a genuine understanding of the sector and a passion for the arts. This is an invaluable contact for an organisation like Edinburgh Palette to have as we can sign post creatives who may be starting out or seeking advice to Bhawna and Artisanry Co. The only real option up till now has been costly business advisors who are rarely in tune with the creative sector. We are very much looking forward to seeing Artisanry Co. develop and wish Bhawna all the very best with her initiative.

Andrew Chainey , Development Manager,Edinburgh Palette ltd


The Artisanry Co would be a great resource and valuable point of contact into the difficult challenges faced by artistic individuals when establishing a new business. The likes of workshops, contact sharing, online shop and the possibility of secure loans are all vital aspects of setting up a company, all of which the Artisanry Co has to offer. A small up-front payment could be a very secure and reliable means to a wealth of information, helplines and most importantly, to be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Ross MacRae, Artist


Artisanry is a very exciting project. To me it is a portal, a supporting tool, a window to get out there, a melting pot of exchange and creativity. I feel I can express my creativity in many different ways, creating my artworks and experimenting with my preferred media: Batik. However my batik paintings need to be seen! And I want to be inspired by other artists and artisans too, and all sort of creative people. Artisanry can provide me with all that, and generate, ignite imagination for me and a wide audience of creative people. 

Rosario Mastrocinque, Artist


I have found Artisanryco to be a brilliantly positive and supportive community. To be able to have professional video produced for me is amazing, and so helpful for my business. The Artisanry virtual coffee afternoons are really helpful - well planned with relevant content for small businesses, and full of useful, concise information and tips that can be used straight away. The Artisanryco team are approachable and honest, and I am very happy to be involved in this wonderful project.

Ruth Hollick, Bespoke Jewellery Maker


I first met Bhawna Sarin, Managing Director of Artisanry Co, back in February 2020, when meeting for a coffee was still an option, and we compared our experiences of setting up a Social Enterprise and exchanged ideas on social impact.

Since that first meeting, Artisanry Co have been incredibly supportive and have helped promote both the social mission of Leith Community Pottery and the sale of the ceramics it produces.

They have arranged video interviews, a Vlog and a podcast for LCP and shared and promoted the business through social media. They are diligent and knowledgeable about marketing and social media and have been running a very useful series of Zoom sessions, covering various aspects of sustaining business during the current, difficult circumstances. Fantastic work.

It has been a pleasure to work with Artisanry Co so far and I look forward to a continuing, mutually beneficial relationship.

Andy Lang, Potter


Artisanry, even though is just starting out, has proven to be absolutely dedicated and determined to help and support the community of creatives, artists, artisans and makers of all sort. It seems that it works like a great binding mechanism for all of us which I think it is essential and powerful.

Constantine, Visual Artist


Artisanry Co has been such a great and supportive community for us thus far. We have been so impressed with all the virtual coffees, the guidance and final result of our Meet the Maker video, the richness of available resources is invaluable for our small business and makes our life much easier as we feel we can not do everything on our own, having Artisanryco support brings such an ease of mind, that we didn't have before. We are so happy to be part of this project and community!

Ilana & Amalia, Pretty Pink Eco Jewellery

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