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“The training sessions focus on the business and marketing aspects of running a business. The bits I desperately need.”

Naomi Brookes
Naomi Brookes Designs

“Bhawna is extremely knowledgeable about business and is a fantastic person to work with.”

Jaimie Volkaerts
Jaimie Volkaerts Art

“For any designer, artist or business owner wondering whether coaching is worth it the answer is yes.”

Beth Renton
Wee Beauties

“The workshops help me work on my own website and be in control of my destiny.”

Bianca Elgar
Created in Britain by Bianca Elgar

“I can’t think of any other organisation I have joined that has so wholeheartedly supported those joining them.”

Nancy Shafee
Flights of Fantasy

“It makes such a change to interact with a professional business that wants to help artists and isn’t demanding a huge upfront cost.”

Andy Brackpool
Andy Brackpool Art

“They check in with you, they genuinely care and encourage you every step of the way.”

Natalie Hancock

“Artisanry Co. is an extremely supportive and active social enterprise. Their workshops are informative yet fun to attend, and guided by professional, friendly advice.”

Paula Weaver
Little Bun Designs UK

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