Throughout the month of October, we’ve been showcasing various visual artists and their unique styles. Last week, we focused on artists that are inspired by indigenous styles. This week, we’ve moved our attention to the talented and expressive abstract and contemporary artists in our community.

Just a reminder that commissions of these amazing artworks are available at our online shop. You’ll be given the opportunity to engage directly with the maker and discuss how their artistic expression can encapsulate your vision.

Asra Samad – Asra Art

Asra Samad, the maker behind Asra Art, was inspired by Pollock’s signature drip painting technique.

She says, “I ventured to see what it was like to make paintings on the floor, free from conventional restraints. My work began as a form of self-therapy to help me practice giving up control when I was suffering from postpartum depression. Through my paintings, I understood that a lack of control could still lead to a beautiful end result, even if the process is chaotic and messy.

As an abstract expressionist, I treat paint like an evolving entity and encourage it to bring its own temperament and personality to the painting, much like another person would to any engaging dialogue. So, my paintings celebrate unpredictability while I embrace the loss of control that comes with my process.”

When discussing the role of an online shop, Asra says, “Living in the age of online shopping, it’s practical and essential for any artist to have a portfolio-website along with the option to purchase. Especially with COVID reducing the in-person opportunities for viewership, online galleries and shops are the only main source of exposure nowadays. Photos from different angles and shots zooming into the works can give a pretty accurate feel of a painting. Nothing beats seeing any artwork in person as the scale is no-doubt distorted, but it’s part and parcel of the current times and the next step forward.”

You can shop Asra’s wonderful abstract work at our online shop.

Jaimie Volkaerts – Jaimie Volkaerts Art

Jaimie is an abstract contemporary self-taught artist that sells her products at our online shop.

She describes her work in the following way, “The visual art style of my work is a combination of abstraction and occasionally moving towards representational art such as seascapes. My work is created with an image or location in mind and then transformed with my imagination. I find inspiration from the natural world, I love the sea, clouds and being outdoors. I also get inspiration from music, colours and textures.”

Jaimie makes an effort to incorporate sustainability into her work. She says, “I am very careful with the products I use and in particular ensure that the paints and mediums are non-toxic. I reuse packaging where possible such as the boxes that my canvases arrive in. In terms of social impact, I regularly exhibit my work in my local hospital which provides a 20% donation to the hospital charity. I also on occasion donate pieces of work for the hospital charity auction.”

Jaimie remarks on how online shopping for visual arts has transformed in recent years. Adding, “People spending more time at home has meant they are keen to improve their surroundings which has led to more online sales for art. The value that online shopping provides customers with is a combination of time and convenience, the quality of images and the ability for customers to see the artwork in a home setting helps them to visualise the artwork in their homes.

With no current end in sight in terms of this global pandemic, the online shop is only going to become more important for customers. A platform such as Artisanry Co helps put the customer in direct contact with the artist/craftsperson enabling a direct exchange to help them be sure that the product is the right one for them.”

Explore Jaimie Volkaert’s stunning pieces at our online shop.

Jenna Hopkins – The Colourful Pixie

Jenna Hopkins, the maker behind the Colourful Pixie, recently featured in our blog on sustainable leatherwork but is predominantly an abstract artist.

She shares, “I specialise in contemporary abstract, colourful and bright artwork. I’ve always been creative but that took a backseat for a number of years as I pursued a more academic career. It wasn’t until I suffered a period of postnatal depression that I was brought back to art as a way of healing and connecting me with my humanity again. Being an artist has brought me out of my shell and has given me the confidence to finally be me!”

Speaking about online shops for visual art, she says, “An online shop is important, particularly in the current climate. Due to Covid-19 online sales are booming. Having an online shop means that even something as subjective as art can reach people all over the world and is no longer restricted to local sales at events.”

Browse Jenna Hopkins’ abstract art (and jewellery) at our online store.

Jill Blakey – Jill Blakey Art

Jill Blakey considers herself a “life-long Maths geek” who regularly indulges in the freedom that is provided by a blank canvas and a paintbrush.

Jill shares, “My style is abstract expressionism. It is intuitive and free-flowing. I never know how a painting will turn out when I start and I love that. I just get into the zone and let the paint flow!

She also believes that the role that an online shop plays in a visual art space is valuable. She says, “It makes art far more inclusive as it’s not just for those who happen to have an art gallery nearby.”

Discover Jill Blakey’s expressionist artwork at our online shop.

Bryan Duncan – Bryan Duncan Art

Bryan Duncan is a bold abstract artist who produces iconic, eye-catching artworks. All of his pieces are hand-painted and original, using a variety of techniques. These techniques include spray paints on canvas.

Although he has some training in fine art, he is mostly self-taught. He finds inspiration in clean, geometric shapes and industrious textures, but also resonates with vibrant gestural movement found in the landscape.

Browse more of Bryan Duncan’s vibrant work at our online shop.

Sarah Witt – Switt Art

Sarah Witt is one of the incredibly talented young and emerging artists in the Artisanry Co. community. Her abstract art is varied and textured, providing bold pieces for the home, office or as a gift.

Most of her work is inspired by her travels to all corners of the world. She loves to recreate her memories canvas, allowing them to last for a lifetime.

Request a commission and browse Sarah’s work at our online shop.

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