Our final focus area for the visual art campaign is the fascinating niche of digital art. While abstract art and fine art are commonly known among art buyers, digital art is largely still emerging – and we’re proud to have a few digital artists in the Artisanry Co. community.

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Caitlin Hallé

Catilin Hallé uses minimalism as the primary focus of her art style. Growing up in a busy family home, surrounded by things and things to do, Caitlin learned the valuable skill of resting when needed. She describes the following quote from Fight Club as the perfect way to summarise her motivation for this minimalist way of living:

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.”

Caitlin’s colour palette is usually limited to monochrome. There are a few exceptions to this with her digital illustrations, but even then she purposefully limits her colour choices. Linear hatching is her method of shading, and she makes a point of using this minimalist technique in her work to create detailed outcomes.

Minimalism is also reflected in the number of materials she uses for her work. For her traditional sketches, she simply uses graphite pencils and sketching paper. Her digital practices further reinforce her approach to creative simplicity as it takes up very little space. The drawings are produced with a graphics tablet and either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Files can be easily saved and organised within the confines of her trusty PC.

The digital aspects of her artwork are the most economically sustainable as they allow communication and transactions to be completed without using any materials. It is also more time efficient, especially with completion and postage. Digital artworks can simply be sent through email as opposed to postal services. Digital application facilitates the majority of her commissions which are completed solely online.

Caitlin shares, “The online shopping community provides global exposure for makers such as ourselves. To me, it is a powerful tool that is key to fuelling my business and it couldn’t be more valuable.”

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Andy Brackpool

Andy Brackpool is another talented digital artist in the community. After graduating in Fine Art from Kingston University as a painter and printmaker in 2008, he chose to focus on family. This placed his passion for art on pause for a bit, but he’s recently discovered the world of digital art through Procreate and an iPad Pro.

These tools have given him the flexibility to create work in whichever way he wants, with his main focus and passion currently around painting. Andy’s work has always leaned towards the abstract with a key focus on the city and industrial spaces, creating compositions where the negative space is just as important as the positive.

Despite working digitally, Andy really likes to give a more “painterly” feel to his work, pushing what is perceived for the medium. Working digitally gives him the freedom to experiment and push his ideas further.

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Stephanie Centola

Stephanie Centola is a part time illustrator and full time business management student from Edinburgh. She likes experimenting with colour and texture in her work and uses her beautiful city as a first hand resource.

Stephanie’s work is often built from preliminary sketches of being out and about or working from first hand images she has taken myself. Choosing to combine a traditional artistic style with a digital twist, Stephanie has a very unique approach to art.

She loves to use materials which generate lots of colour and texture such as watercolour paints, pencils and brush pens. These mediums are often used to emphasise small details on buildings, people and places. Stephanie then adds a digital twist by putting the final illustration together with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate. Her illustrations are always whimsical and bold, beautifully demonstrating her passion for drawing.

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