Business coaching and mentoring both serve as assets to aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative space. In fact, the opportunity to sit down with a business coach and mentor is a growing trend. There’s an increasing number of entrepreneurs finding value in the chance to use a session to get advice and redefine their goals with the help of someone who understands the sector.

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A survey by Forbes revealed that one in six responders found merit in business coaching to make them more professionally capable. The booming popularity of business coaching is indicative of entrepreneurs finding value in the experience to define and achieve their business goals.

In particular, creative entrepreneurs are able to benefit greatly from the value provided by a business coaching session. Here are a few of the benefits available when booking a coaching and mentoring session with Bhawna Sarin, Artisanry Co.’s business coach and mentor.

Clarity on business goals

By setting clear business goals, you’re able to take focused steps toward achieving them. Perhaps you already know the basic goals that you want to achieve, or maybe you need additional perspective on what is possible. A business coach can help with all of these questions.

A business coach or mentor can offer incredible value as a sounding board when navigating your business goals. It’s important to choose a mentor or coach that has an understanding of the industry that you work in so that you can be guided over potential hurdles and take note of opportunities.

Improved performance and productivity

Working with a clear goal in mind can have a monumental impact on your productivity. Rather than shooting in the dark, there is a clear plan of what you want to achieve as well as how to get there.

Less time and energy are wasted on meaningless tasks and every bit of effort contributes to achieving your end goal. These goals can be outlined and determined with the help and guidance of an experienced business coach and mentor.

Opportunity to learn

An experienced business coach and mentor will have in-depth knowledge about the industry that you aspire to excel within. As a creative with a specific set of skills in your art or craft, a business coach or mentor will give you an opportunity to learn more about the business side.

By helping you better understand the business side, you’re able to focus on the creative process with the bigger picture in mind. Business coaching is an effective learning opportunity that offers a holistic business experience.

Platform for creativity

Even though you may be creative, it helps to take a step back and look at your work with new eyes. The help of a business coach or mentor can be invaluable in offering this fresh perspective, serving as a sounding board to brainstorm ideas for new products, collaborations and platforms.

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Critical thinking

When you’re working on a creative project, it’s easy to get caught up in the expressive side of the work without thinking strategically about making the business financially successful.

A business coach or mentor can ask you the right questions and guide you in the right direction on the strategy-front. These moments of critical thinking are important building blocks in making a success of your business.

Advice and encouragement

Sometimes, all that you need is a little bit of encouragement to know that your ideas and dreams are moving in the right direction. A business mentor and coach can offer the encouragement and support that you need to take that single bold step in the right direction.

We could all do with an extra friend in the industry, and a knowledgeable friend is even better. We’d love to offer that bit of support as your creative business goes from strength to strength.

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