Charlie Jackson established his own business 32 years ago he has been operating as an executive coach for many years. Charlie has always loved the idea of coaching people – to see them grow, develop and achieve their goals, both as individuals and in teams. Charlie was also recently appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Artisanry Co.

In 1989 I left my safe position in Higher Education to launch my first business, People First Limited, established the previous year. After delivering my presentation on culture change at a business conference in 1990 Canon Kenyon Wright – the senior cleric in the Scottish Episcopal Church – suggested in his presentation that perhaps I should have named my business, People First Unlimited!

Fast forward to 2019 when the Independent newspaper published the following story…

A plumber from Burnley writes a note accompanying an invoice for a boiler repair: “No charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24 hours to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible.” His invoice read £0.00 sent to a 91year-old woman with acute leukemia. James Anderson, (not the cricketer, although both hail from Burnley!) shut down his private firm and launched his not-for-profit company Depher after seeing an elderly man poorly treated by another engineer and has been offering free or lower-cost plumbing to those in need since 2017.

It is indeed a breath of fresh air to read of someone who runs his business through kindness and concern for others in his community not so fortunate as himself. By the way he was, at the time of writing, in debt which is something he accepts as he “would rather owe some money to somebody and another person be alive, happy and safe.”

Businesses whose core goal is to benefit the communities which they serve have, in recent times, become more common and very much needed as we work our way forward out of the current Covd-19 restrictions.

One such business is Artisanry Co. who, as a Community Benefit Society, have created a unique proposition to support the needs of individual artisan businesses across the UK. As well as providing a platform to assist in promoting, marketing and selling their unique range of products they also offer a range of training and coaching opportunities for their artisans. Delivering on the words of the peace scholar Elise Boulding who states, “I have long believed that a wholesome, peaceful world is possible if we devote all-out effort to the development of each member of the community”.

And finally, also published in the Independent newspaper in 2019, Mary Portas was suggesting that a new form of economy was emerging, “an economy built on the stuff we care about. The stuff we have to care about … the businesses that don’t consider peoples’ feelings will fail … it’s cool to be kind. It will also be commercial.”

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