We understand that being your own boss is very rewarding but can be very lonely and challenging at the same time. Working with a business coach or mentor helps focus on the business side of the creative process, bringing accountability to your actions.

Most importantly, you have a sounding board for your ideas and you know there is someone you can trust, and who understands the sector and helps, guides and supports you on your journey.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to launch our business coaching and mentoring services.

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Meet the business coach

In 2020, we coached and mentored five makers to help with their creative business. Each of these makers found immense value while working with Bhawna. So we decided to make our business coaching and mentoring services more accessible to the creative community.

Bhawna is passionate about working with women and creatives. She says, “I believe that we, as women, have a latent economic power just waiting to be unleashed. As a businesswoman and a working mother, I understand the challenges that come with the territory. As your coach or mentor, I can help you realise your potential and achieve your goals.”

Bhawna brings over 25 years of professional and business experience. She has established and successfully run her own HR and training business overseas. Her corporate experience spreads over two decades and brings commercial acumen, alongside strong financial discipline.

In addition, her experience of founding and establishing Artisanry Co., puts her in a unique position to also understand the idiosyncrasies of this sector, allowing her to share this commercial experience of running a creative business with you.

Read more on the differences between mentoring and coaching here.

What to expect?

We offer 60-minute, 1:1 sessions that can be booked as a one-off exploratory session or a block of sessions

The number of sessions purchased can be ‘banked’ and drawn down across the full range of services in 60-minute blocks. This allows for flexible support as individual requirements may change.

Find out more about selling with us here.


Being a Social Enterprise, our prices are kept as low as possible, and also, fair and transparent. We aim to offer as much value for our clients as possible.

Whilst our services are available to anyone, however, if the client joins Artisanry Co.as a seller, they can avail up to 30% discount on the prices. Discounts are also available to clients if they choose to buddy up with other makers and save up to 10-15% on sessions bought together. 

Find out more about our pricing structure here.

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For example, you can get up to 15% discount when booking with a friend(s), or save up more than 50% when booking six sessions as a community member!

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Don’t just take our word for it…

We have received wonderful testimonials from makers who have experienced our business coaching services and found their sessions to be incredibly valuable. Jaimie Volkaerts, a talented, UK-based abstract artist, had the following to say;

“I have been having business mentoring sessions with Bhawna from Artisanry Co for the past couple of months. The sessions have really helped me to focus on, and document, my yearly, quarterly and long term goals in my business. We have also worked on identifying the practical steps to achieve those goals. Bhawna is extremely knowledgeable about business and is a fantastic person to work with.”

We reached out to Jaimie to ask her a little bit more about her experience.

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1.     How has business mentoring benefitted your business?

“I have been working with Bhawna now for a couple of months and had three sessions to date. During this time we have been working on getting clarity over, and documenting, my business goals for 2021 and my longer-term 5-year goals.

Bhawna’s business and coaching experience has been really helpful to keep me focused and we have now started to document tangible actions to help me work out how to achieve my goals. The other very valuable element of these sessions is accountability, just knowing I have a session scheduled holds me accountable to acting on our agreed actions.“

2.     What steps have you taken since your business mentoring session?

“Since our sessions, I have expanded and documented my 5-year business plan and clarified my overall year one goals and started to break this down into quarterly goals. I have created a timetable for a weekly working schedule.

I have also been working to clarify my overall business model in terms of the products I create. In addition, I have taken actions to grow my social media audience.”

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3.     Is business mentoring a one-off exercise or is it beneficial to keep coming back?

“I think it can be a one-off exercise to help you get on track but personally I prefer to have a number of sessions so you can have the accountability to complete your actions. Working alone and being your own boss requires a significant amount of motivation and having someone you can discuss ongoing issues with is very helpful.”

Ready to kickstart your business?

Watching makers translate their passions into a successful business motivates and inspires us. If you’re a small and independent UK-based maker who needs guidance to make your dream a reality, then we’d love to hear from you.

Please drop an email to Bhawna at bhawna@artisanryco.co.uk.