Are you a creative looking to turn your passion into a successful business?

The world is often divided into different sorts of careers without realising the skills that are needed to make these various industries a success overlap with one another. You may be a painter, a potter or a jewellery designer, but the essential business and marketing skills to turn your creative passion into a thriving success are the same.

At Artisanry Co., we are committed to upskilling, supporting and empowering small, independent UK-based makers and artists to discover and meet their business goals. In turn, this will strengthen local economies.

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Here are five essential business skills that are necessary for success in the creative world.

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1.   Business planning

Having support on where to take your business and making the right decisions to get you there is important in making a success of your business. Business coaching and mentoring and Business consultancy can be hugely beneficial in helping you develop opportunities and planning your steps to success.

content design skills

2.   Content design

There’s a lot of content in the online space, so it’s important to create content that stands out and communicates a powerful message about your brand. As a creative, you have the upper hand as your art or craft is already beautiful. However, social media is so much more than a stunning image.

Using tools such as Canva allows you to create amazing designs and improve your social media presence in a simple and affordable way. Learning content design allows you to present your work in the best way possible.

email marketing for makers

3.   Email marketing

Creating an effective email marketing strategy provides an opportunity to reach and connect with your customers in a personalised way. With email marketing, you’re able to send out concise messages with a strong call to action to an engaged audience.

Our workshops help you understand the importance of email marketing, how to build an email list, how to work email marketing templates and track the performance of your communications.

social media marketing

4.   Social media marketing

Social media is a powerful tool. However, you could leverage the potential that social media marketing offers by being familiar with the basics. This includes developing strategies and campaigns, writing an effective bio, sharing engaging content, scheduling and using Creative Studio.

There’s also the opportunity to dive deeper into different social media platforms and grow your own confidence.

serach engine optimisation skills

5.   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Understanding the basics of SEO is essential if you want to have a fair shot at ranking on Google search results. By streamlining your SEO efforts, you can improve your search ranking in Google and make your work more visible online.

SEO is complex but the basics will cover the fundamentals such as an introduction to SEO, keyword research, SEO for content writing, internal links, link building and plugins among other topics.

Book your tailored business training session

No matter what your current level of knowledge and skills, we offer tailored 1:1 training sessions that will help you develop and grow further. Our bespoke and hands-on sessions are targeted to your individual requirements and allows us to create a programme to support your needs in an interactive and engaging format.

While all of our sessions are booked as 1:1, we do offer the opportunity to buddy up with a friend or colleague to reduce the cost by a further 10-15% (depending on the number of sessions and buddies). Another way to save costs is to book your sessions in bulk and draw them down in 60-minute blocks. You can also mix and match topics that are most relevant to your needs.

To find out more about our training sessions, consultancy and coaching, you can contact Bhawna at info@artisanryco.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you!