I’ve have been doing a lot of research (and shopping at markets!) recently related to the development of the Artisanry Co. proposition for the makers community.

Whilst doing this over the festive period, something peaked my interest.

Living in Edinburgh, a visit to the Edinburgh Christmas Market was an obvious thing to do.  Surely there would be lots of makers to chat with and get their views on Artisanry Co. and what we are creating.

Alas, I was disappointed.

I found, not all, but the majority of stalls were not selling products made by local crafters, artists or makers which I expected, but were selling certainly what appeared to be mass produced goods. 

The Christmas Market website described stalls as selling ‘local and bespoke products’. As far as I could see these stall holders were certainly not, in the main, local crafters, artists or makers.

Now before anyone shouts out, I accept that I didn’t then go on to look at all the stalls for the whole of the Edinburgh Christmas market to test my hypothesis fully. However, surely folk buying gifts from a Christmas market would expect to be presented with quality, hand crafted more often locally made products.

I can only assume that the cost of hiring a stall in Edinburgh Christmas Market is prohibitive for local crafters, but why?

Is it only me?

For our communities to flourish we must support our makers and support our local markets. So, if you’re in or near Edinburgh during the next Festive period, head down, for example, to Leith, Morningside, Stockbridge markets or keep an eye open for Summer Halls, St Margaret House and Out of the Blue craft events.    And meantime, support the development of the Artisanry Co. platform and maker community by nominating you’re favourite maker. Visit our Facebook page click on ‘Nominate’.