Are you ready to explore the stunning, versatile artwork produced by the talented makers in our community?

This week we’ve been showcasing the fine artists and contemporary artists in the community. Each of these makers sells their work at our online shop, and some even offer commission pieces.

Ally Eli – Ally Eli Designs

Ali Elly’s work is centred around her love of the underwater world. She’s continually inspired by the organic, chaotic patterns that schools of fish make. The scales of a fish, the way seaweed sways in the current, how barnacles arrange themselves on rock faces, the shapes of shells found on the beach.

These textures and patterns really are a never-ending supply of artistic inspiration for Ali. She primarily uses watercolour paint as she likes the almost unpredictable layers that can build depth to a painting.  She also develops some of these artworks digitally into patterns. Using traditional and modern techniques together in this way helps her explore new ways to develop her designs.

Talking about the online shop, Ali Elly says, “Originally I was sceptical about selling me artwork online, I worried about colour representation and losing some of the details of the original artwork. It can be difficult to visualise the size and build a connection to something online.

I worked hard to make good images and add as much detail as possible in the description to try to overcome my doubts. I now sell lots of artwork online and the feedback is amazing, there is something special about getting a beautifully wrapped artwork in the post. Customers comment on how much they loved the work online but how it was even better when it arrived. Art online opens artists up to new audiences and provides customers access to real art from the artist.”

Shop Ali’s stunning marine-inspired work at our online shop.

Alan Taylor – Alan Taylor Fine Art

International award-winning artist Dr Alan Taylor AGSA creates stunning giclee wildlife and bird print editions and greeting cards by.

He works extensively with pastels or colour pencils to capture the unique character and beauty of animals he has the pleasure of drawing. Print editions are produced to the Fine Art Trade Guilds ArtSure quality standards and come hand-signed with a certificate of authenticity.

You can shop Alan Taylor’s detailed fine art at our online shop.

Constantine Zeus – Constantine the Artist

Constantine is a dynamic contemporary artist in our community. He is inspired by everyday thoughts and situations that the normal person experiences. His subject matter is, people – including himself. As a result, he produces a lot of self-portraits in various versions.

He shares, “It is our behaviour, body posture/language, deeds, etc. that I find greatly fascinating! How much is communicated through these aspects. I try to be as loose and free when I’m producing art, so it has to look and feel organic and natural. It has to be sincere… what is it, it’s not important to me.”

He continues to say, “Online shops are playing a massive role in the visual art space. They have been for a few years but that’s increasing greatly as it goes. It’s given the artists a great deal of freedom to sell their work to whom they want.”

Browse Constantine’s work at our online shop.

Catriona Patience – Patience Creations

Catriona’s work is inspired by close observation of city birds, sea birds and hedgerow birds. She looks to capture their characters and movement. Catriona places a large focus on sustainability, with all of her packaging materials being either reused or recycled. She also uses a vegan printing company for her business cards.

Where possible, she tries to use eco and animal-friendly materials in her work. Many watercolour brushes use animal hair such as squirrel, but Catriona uses synthetic brushes and vegan watercolour paper.

Catriona says, “I believe online shops provide an accessible and open platform for engagement with visual art, which doesn’t present many barriers, allowing a wide audience to access the art. They also allow artists to connect across a wide geographic area without the need for travel, crucial in 2020!”

Shop Catriona’s whimsical work at our online shop.

Darren Evans – The Suburban Artist

Darren Evans paints in watercolour, in what he believes to be a relatively traditional way. Although he does try to vary his style and be a little untraditional in my ways.

Darren says, “I love buildings and I love the way that buildings interact with the environment so I tend to paint cityscapes and landscapes. I’m interested in how the human world interacts with the natural one, but sometimes I just paint a view of nature if I find it interesting.”

He continues, “The challenge for artists is in being able to have their work seen by as wide an audience as possible. Before online shopping, we have to exhibit in multiple galleries, which is expensive and time-consuming. Online shops allow us to reach a wide audience relatively cost-effectively.”

Explore The Suburban Artists’ work at our online shop.

Emma Cawston

Emma Cawston classes her style of art as realism although on many occasions she’s added some elements to make limited and rare pieces.

She draws inspiration from her passion for wildlife and the natural world we live in. She says, “I have done conservation in the past while in Africa and the joy I got seeing such amazing animals in the natural environment really gave me a drive to create art pieces that celebrate them.”

In addition to incorporating sustainability into her methods, Emma Cawston donates to the cause. She adds, “ Not only do I try and use what can to help the environment, but I also donate to charity based on the pieces I create. For example, when my original sea turtle piece sold, I donated 25% to an ocean charity to help protect the world’s oceans. I do this with many pieces and spend lots of time choosing to ensure I pick the right one.”

Help Emma Cawston support conservation charities and buy an artwork here.

Francisco Gutierrez

Francisco’s style is difficult to label. Essentially, every painting is a tiny glimpse of the real experience to be present in a place and in a moment of his life which he is sharing with people. He says, “I think that creativity is changing and experimenting, even doing mistakes is good, we learn a lot from them. What kind of feelings and emotions a place triggers on me is my inspiration.”

Discussing the role of an online shop, Francisco says, “I think that the online shop is a help for the artists to sell their work according to the new age we are living now. I was reading a biography about a painter at the end of the nineteenth century and he used to carry a lot of paintings with him and show them door by door trying to sell. Not all the artists feel comfortable or able to sell and even to price their art; and a lot of us struggle with the time of creativity and other affairs like promoting, marketing, exhibiting, etc.

So currently to have a visual space plus the shop online is an advantage and good support. It makes me feel that we are taking something good and convenient from the new age.”

Discover Francisco’s impressionist work at our online shop.

We’re incredibly proud of all of the UK-based makers within our community. Not only do they produce amazing work, but they do so with sustainability in the front of their mind. As a company that prioritizes social impact, we believe sustainability to be an important pillar in any business.

If you want to support these inspirational makers, you can do so by making a purchase from our online shop.

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