“In its simplest form, the concept of sustainability embodies a desire that future generations inherit a world at least as bountiful as the one we inhabit. However, how to get there, as is demonstrated above, will always be the subject of constant debate. This debate is about values; it is a cultural debate.” – Jon Hawkes

Cultural vitality is an important aspect of sustainability, but not one that immediately springs to mind when considering the concept. When sustainability is mentioned, most people consider the environmental and ecological aspects. However, there’s a lot more to sustainability than first thought, and this includes cultural vitality and sustainability.

Cultural vitality refers to the wellbeing, creativity, diversity, and identity of a community. In the creative community, this extends to include mental health and representation.

In this blog, we’ll explore how cultural vitality is connected to sustainability and what Artisanry Co. does to make sure that it is prioritised as a fundamental pillar.

We’ve recently shared blogs on the first two pillars of sustainability, namely environmental responsibility and social equity. Catch up on these blogs here.

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How is cultural vitality connected to sustainability?

In many ways, cultural action is an important part of building a sustainable future. With regards to sustainability, cultural vitality refers to how society’s values are developed and expressed.

To achieve sustainability, it’s important to identify a community value and then create conditions where these values can be communicated. This can be done by providing a space for the community to be creative and express their imaginations through art. In this way, art is a fundamental aspect of a society’s culture.

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Sense of community and cultural vitality at Artisanry Co.

Artisanry Co. strives to create a community that prioritises a community that focuses on sustainability in all aspects, including cultural vitality. We aim to create a sense of belonging, a space for artistic expression and a community that focuses on wellbeing.

An empowered community

We believe in empowering the UK’s community of makers and artists as a way to keep the cultural vitality of the society alive and strong.

This is achieved in several ways. From offering a fair and transparent pricing structure for our online shop to investing 100% of the profits in the maker community, we aim to empower UK-based makers.

Mental health at Artisanry Co.

Another important aspect of cultural vitality is mental health and a focus on wellbeing. Through events like our Creative Connections, we create a safe and supportive platform to discuss the challenges and successes of being a maker in the UK community.

Maker diversity

The UK is made up by a melting pot of cultures that contribute to the fabric of society and what makes it unique. By creating a platform for makers of all cultures and expressions, without any cultural exclusions, there is an opportunity to celebrate these various cultures and creative disciplines.

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Join a community of sustainable makers

Sustainability is at the heart of our work at Artisanry Co., with the social impact being a major driving force in strengthening the local creative community.

Read more about our social impact efforts here. 

Our mission is to take care of the business side of the creative process by offering a global marketplace for handmade UK items, provide business and individual support to sellers, provide access to microfinancing and create a community of like-minded makers.

Find out more about joining our community here. If you have any questions, then we’d love to hear from you. Email Bhawna at bhawna@artisanryco.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!