Over the past couple of months, we’ve been discussing the various pillars of sustainability and how they impact the creative community, and how Artisanry Co. strives to uphold each of these pillars. This week, we’re exploring the fourth and final pillar of sustainability – economic health.

This blog will explore economic health and how material prosperity, education and employment, and fair trade play a role in the creative community. If you’ve missed out on our previous posts, then you can read more about the other three pillars here.

Artisanry Co. invests in the economic empowerment of UK-based makers. For example, 100% of the profits are reinvested in the maker community, hoping to contribute to the economic health of the industry.

There are various ways that economic health and sustainability are connected, and how Artisanry Co. amplifies these virtues.


Material prosperity

While wealth may mean different things to various people, being able to afford material items is a general aspiration. We live in a world that sells material items to make our lives easier such as cars to commute and technology to communicate.

For the creative community to benefit from material prosperity, they need to be able to earn an income from their skills and craft. By doing so, they are benefiting from experiencing economic health.

At Artisanry Co., our online shop offers sustainably-minded consumers the opportunity to support these makers and contribute to their material prosperity. When you buy a beautiful ceramic jug that is handmade and bespoke, compared to mass-produced warehouse items. In the process, you’re supporting the livelihood of a maker.

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Education and employment

Both education and employment are vital for achieving sustainable, economic health. The two go hand-in-hand to support makers to run a profitable business. Education provides the knowledge to gain (and maintain) employment.

At Artisanry Co., we strive to empower makers and educate them on the business side of the creative process. By hosting regular free workshops and making 1:1 business mentoring and training sessions available, we hope to help build the knowledge of makers within the UK community.

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Fair and transparent trade

In order to achieve sustainable economic health, fair trade is essential. In particular, supporting local sustainable economies, economic regeneration and transparent pricing.

At Artisanry Co., we strive to achieve sustainable, fair and transparent trade agreements with our makers who sign up to sell on our shop. In turn, every penny of profit is reinvested into the community to further empower and build the economic health of local, UK-based makers.

Read more about our social impact and values.


Join and support our community

If you’re a creative maker or artist based in the UK, then we’d love to encourage you to join our community of sustainable makers. Find out more about joining our community of like-minded individuals and enjoy the benefit of support and a focus on economic health.

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If you’re a conscious consumer, then we encourage you to support the talented makers in the Artisanry Co. community. Each item for sale at our online shop is handmade with love and care by a UK-based maker. Every purchase made from Artisanry Co. shop contributes to the economic health of our industry.

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