This festive season, budgets may be a little bit tighter and celebrations a little bit different. Now, more than ever, it’s important to support small businesses where a single purchase brings a smile to a maker.

At Artisanry Co., we support several small and independent makers who create quality, handmade items for sale. While you may not have as much to spend this year, you can still get a  thoughtful stocking filler to show your loved ones how much you care.

To help kick you off, we’ve put together five ideas for stocking fillers that are both meaningful and affordable. Each of the following items can be bought at our online shop for less than £10.

1.   Beautiful ceramics

Pottery is a fascinating creative discipline. Artists are able to mould stunning and useful items from soft material, resulting in a functional item for the home. Amber Lion Ceramics hand makes each item with care and passion.

This nautical trinket dish is one of many in a range of colourful, themed items. They can be used to keep earrings, keys and even as an ornament. Shop Amber Lion Ceramics and her stunning trinket bowls at our online shop.

2.   Rainbow magnets

The fridge is an item that is used on a daily basis, so it may as well be colourful and joyful. One way to add a splash of inspiration to your fridge is to put some bright magnets on it.

aKnotofstiches uses different coloured fabrics to create different shapes and combinations. Tanya, the maker behind aKnotofstiches, has a wonderful range of cheerful rainbow magnets that make the perfect stocking filler.

Shop aKnotofstiches’s colourful rainbow magnets at our online shop.

3.   Creative prints

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the captivating prints by Catriona Calchini are no exception. Each of her scenic photographs tells a story of movement, life and allure.

Cat’s prints are sold at our online shop in a variety of sizes. They serve as the perfect stocking filler for someone who enjoys an enticing visual moment.

Browse and buy the bold and alluring prints by Catriona Calchini at our online shop.

4.   Felt brooches

The smallest detail can make an outfit pop. For example, a dainty brooch placed delicately on a neutral blazer can turn heads and encourage compliments. With this in mind, a brooch makes for a great stocking filler.

These handmade, felt brooches are made by a UK-based maker, Catriona Patience. Take your pick from her adorable bird-inspired brooches – the kingfisher, goldfinch, blue tit and puffin (among others). 

Shop Patience Creations’ felt brooches at our online shop.

5.   Stationery items

There’s little as frustrating as losing your place in your favourite book. A trusty bookmark is a stocking filler that is both valuable and appreciated. But why have a normal bookmark when you can have a stunning, handmade one?

Nancy Shafee, the maker behind Flights of Fantasy, makes these funky bookmarks that are perfect for a stocking filler. There are also other stationery items at our online shop to explore.

Browse Flights of Fantasy’s handmade bookmarks at our online shop.

Support small businesses this Christmas – and always

These are just a few ideas for stocking fillers. There are plenty more at our online shop that ranges in style and design.

If you’re a small and independent UK-based maker looking for a like-minded community and transparent space to sell your creations, then you can find out more about joining our community here.