This year has been a rollercoaster, and with the second lockdown in play, the festive season is going to be a bit different this year. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t spoil the special people in our lives with a thoughtful, unique gift!

These 10 gift ideas include special, handmade items that have been created by UK-based makers. Each of these items has been created with love and care, and are of the highest quality.

Browse the gifts below and take your pick of amazing Christmas gifts for her. In the process, you’ll be supporting a local, small business and supporting the UK artisan industry.

1.   Bespoke jewellery

Nothing says “I love you” like a handmade piece of jewellery. Our online shop boasts a wide range of silver and gold jewellery, as well as pieces created with organic elements such as cork and vegetable ivory.

This stunning silver jewellery was made by Samantha English Jewellery. You can also browse our jewellery selection at our online shop.

2.   Decorative accessories

Turn an average outfit into a special one with a small, detailed accessory. Brooches are an expressive addition to an outfit that can add a bit of personality and colour. This felt brooch was handmade by Patience Creations – and there’s plenty more where that came from!

Shop handmade brooches at our online shop.

3.   Stunning artwork

We’ve all been spending a significantly more amount of time at home during 2020, and there’s only so much staring at the wall that you can do. Why not buy a beautiful piece of artwork and gift it to a special woman in your life this Christmas?

This abstract piece was created by The Colourful Pixie. Browse our online shop to discover more artwork including fine art, abstract art, watercolour and more.

4.   An experience

Lockdown has offered the perfect opportunity to learn new skills. The desire to enjoy these skills and experiences will most likely continue into the new year, meaning that an experience is a fantastic gift to give the lovely woman in your life.

While the jewellery-making course can be booked in advance for Mayflower Bespoke Jewellery, there are other experience gifts that can be enjoyed virtually.

5.   Special homeware items

Our online shop includes several stunning homeware items that are also wonderfully functional. From scatter cushions, like this one by Susannah Weiland Collections, to ceramic dinner sets and blanket rolls and pot hangers – there’s so much to explore.

Browse the beautiful, functional homeware goods at our online shop.

6.   Cosy knitwear

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who are able to enjoy the magical mood of a white Christmas or not, the winter season is here. Christmas is a lot snugger when you have quality knitwear to keep you warm.

These lovely knitted accessories by Wee Beauties are a taste of the quality knitwear items at our online shop – browse more here.

7.   Luxury leather accessories

Whenever you buy a handmade leather item, you’re investing in a timeless piece. We have several talented leather makers in the Artisanry Co. community who produce remarkable, luxury leather goods – such as this beautiful belt by Jess Grey leather.

Explore quality leather handbags, bookmarks, belts and backpacks at our online shop.

8.   Handmade stationery

Did you know that stationery items can be a form of artwork? One look at our stunning journals, cards and bookmarks will help you to understand how this can be. Buying a sentimental piece of stationery is a great option for a gift that doesn’t break the bank.

This gorgeous notebook by Little Bun Designs UK is available for sale at our online store – as are several other beautiful stationery items.

9.   Self-care items

We could all do with a little bit of pampering and self-care treatment after the wild ride that 2020 has been. There are several self-care items, such as this beautiful, ceramic wax burner by Rachel in the Dales Pottery, at our online shop. What a wonderful gift for her!

Browse more ceramic items at our online shop.

10.   Christmas decorations

In the spirit of Christmas joy and giving, why not give a very special Christmas decoration to commemorate a year that has taught us lessons and brought us closer. These beautiful Christmas baubles by NH Pottery are just a taste!

You can explore more delightful Christmas makes at our online shop, and give a seasonal gift to celebrate this year.

Are you a maker looking for a supportive community and space to showcase your handmade products? We’d love to hear from you. You can email us at info@artisanryco.co.uk, or find out more about joining our community here.