We’ve already shared some wonderful gift ideas for her, but what about for him?

If you’re looking for a memorable gift for the men in your life – look no further! Our online shop is full of beautifully-made items that are certain to bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your brother, husband, friend or uncle, you can browse our locally-made items below to get the ideas rolling.

1.   Handmade leather wallet

A leather wallet and cardholder is a wonderful gift for any gent. The hand stitched items are of top quality and securely hold money, cards and even ID photographs. Our talented leathercrafters make these everyday items in a variety of colours and styles.

Shop Roslyn Whiting’s handmade leather wallets at our online shop.

2.   Unique gift

If you really want to impress the man in your life, then you can give him something unique and special. The beautiful thing about art is the different ways that it can be expressed. We sell special, one of a kind items at our online shop – such as this gorgeous kaleidoscope by Kaleidoscope Studio UK.

3.   Stunning leather accessory

Normally, men don’t wear as much jewellery as women, and their clothes are often less detailed. So, the items that they do wear need to be bold and excellent quality. Wrap up a handmade leather belt and put it under the tree this year.

Shop Jess Grey Leather’s belts at our online shop.

4.   Handmade cufflinks

The devil is in the details and a good suit can be made into an excellent one with the inclusion of cufflinks. The jewellers in the Artisanry Co. community have created an array of unique cufflinks to wear with pride.

Shop Naomi Brookes’ cuff links at our online shop.

5.   Functional accessory

A gift that meets a functional need is always greatly appreciated. There are several gifts for him at our online shop that are both beautiful and serve a purpose. Such as this finely-crafted leather bottle holder.

Shop Jess Grey Leather’s accessories at our online shop.

6.   Silver men’s ring

Although jewellery is typically associated with women, a quality statement item for a man can really turn heads. Browse a selection of stunning, handmade jewellery at our online shop and give a gift that will make the man in your life smile.

Browse G Design Silver jewellery here.

7.   Striking tie pin

What’s better to complete a smart outfit than a statement tie pin? Another jewellery item designed specifically with men in mind, a tie pin can be the cherry on the top of a fantastic outfit.

Buy Sally Davies Silver tie pin at our online shop.

8.   Classic leather notebook

Why not give a beautiful, leather-bound notebook this Christmas, ready to take notes and make plans for the new year? We sell a range of pocket-size books and full journals that are bound in leather and exude elegance.

Shop Flax and Hide’s leather items here.

9.   Gentleman’s gift

A hip flask is a classy present to give to a loved one this year. Buy a classic item that will last forever and bring joy to every moment.

Shop Flax and Hide’s leather bound hip flasks at our online shop.

10.   Everyday reminder

You don’t need to break the bank to get someone something special. Why not buy something small and beautiful to remind your loved one about you on a daily basis? These stunning keyrings are a great example of a handmade item that is both affordable and of top quality.

Shop Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft work at our online shop.

From stocking fillers to classic works of art, our online shop has a variety of handmade items produced by UK-based makers. Support local makers with your Christmas gift choices this year, and bring a smile to the face of more than one person.

If you’re a small and independent maker who is interested in joining our community, then you can do so over here.