Do you need help to sell craft online? Craft markets and art fairs have been popular pastimes for many. However, the development of technology has dramatically increased the number of creative business owners that choose to sell their art and craft online. With the arrival of the pandemic, selling online became the only option to support a livelihood while helping with mental wellness and anxiety that came with the lockdown.

While some creative makers managed to adapt to the online space and flourished, others are struggling to come to terms with online platforms. To add to the challenge, small makers face several challenges when competing in the online space with established online stores.

Read more about challenges that small and independent makers face, and how Artisanry Co. helps to overcome them.

At Artisanry Co., we strive to empower small and independent makers in the UK and work towards providing business skills, knowledge and training to help sell craft and art online.

Build your brand

Your brand is the window into your work. Offer a consistent look and feel carrying this through to your logo, packaging, business cards and website design.

When building your brand, take time to consider what makes you stand apart from others, who your audience is and how your target audience will respond. As a small and independent maker, take the time to communicate more about you as the artist to increase the authenticity of your brand.

If you’re struggling to create your brand identity and figuring out how to brand yourself, you can find out more about our Small Business Support Hub.

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Find a platform to sell

Technology has developed at such a rapid rate, that online selling has become a diverse endeavour. From Facebook MarketPlace, Instagram, e-commerce stores and personal websites – there are various options available.

One of the most important details to consider is your target audience and where they will be shopping. You also need to consider your technical abilities, as a maker, to effectively run an online store. There is more to an online store than just some pictures and prices. You need to consider product descriptions, your ethos and the ethos of the platform and much more.

Do you need help to decide which direction to take with your business? We offer 1:1 business coaching and mentoring that is tailored to your specific needs.

Take great product photographs

As an increasingly large number of people move to sell online, without the opportunity to see, touch, smell and hold a product, the way that it is visually represented is the make and break of the sale. Photography is an investment, not an expense!

For this reason, it’s important to take great photographs of your work. These pictures should grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. There are certain tips to keep in mind when photographing products, such as lighting, formatting and stillness.

Our YouTube channel has several free videos that are full of helpful tips – including how to take great photographs. Visit our channel here.

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Market your content on social media

There are several social media platforms available which can be overwhelming at times. Consider your target audience and where they spend the most time. From here, choose two to three platforms where you invest most of your time and market your products on these platforms.

Make sure that you use quality, professional-looking photographs and post regularly, using descriptive titles and captions. Try to include a strong call to action so that potential customers know exactly where to find your work.

Do you need help with your social media marketing? Find out more about our training and workshops that cover these focus areas here.


Engage with your customers

Marketing your work on social media is only half of the job. The other half involves engaging with your potential customers by answering messages, responding to comments and improving engagement.

This is useful for the social media algorithm that prioritises active accounts, but it also demonstrates a high level of customer services.

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Advertise special deals

Nothing attracts buyers like the promise of a special deal – whether it be a discount offer or an exclusive collection. Make sure that you communicate these deals with potential customers.

You can do this by marketing on social media, setting up a newsletter or collaborating with another brand.

If you’re unfamiliar with these modes of marketing, then you can learn more by signing up for our interactive and bespoke training and workshops.

Analyse and development

It’s important to keep coming back to your analytics and noting where you can improve. Depending on your main platform for sale, the format of these analytics may differ, but there are a few key insights to look for.

For example, your most popular product, where you receive the majority of your clicks, social media posts that have high engagement, the performance of your hashtags and more.

Our business consulting services are great to assess where your creative business stands, and how it can improve. Find out more here.

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Ready to sell your creative work online?

If you’re a maker based in the UK, trying to compete with big brands in a saturated marketplace, then we’d love to help you. Artisanry Co. has recently relaunched the Creative Business Hub, where our supportive team is dedicated to empowering makers while sharing valuable insights and skills.

For the month of May, we are giving a whopping 40% off on our monthly prices. At just £24.99/month, you can access workshops, group coaching, networking and 1:1 support.

As a member of the Artisanry Co. community, you’ll have access to a discounted rate for training, workshops and coaching and consultations, helping you to sharpen the business skills needed to sell your work online.

Find out more about joining the Artisanry Co. community here. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at bhawna@artisanryco.co.uk.