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Pottery has always been in my life and my bloodline, from as far back as the 1800s with my cousin, Henry Stacey Marks whose paintings are still relevant today. My father was trained at Royal Doulton, just like his mother and father before him.  From here, my father’s love for antiques had a strong influence during my upbringing from antique fairs to visiting some of the worlds greatest antique collectors, I shudder now remembering that I have held priceless antiques from the age of 4!  Moving forward a few years and working within the customer service industry I have always kept my hand in creating and repairing ceramics and an opportunity opened up for me to work with my parents in their antique repair business. From repairing antiques I could see the artist’s methods and wanted to create my own ceramics whilst still using the traditional methods and painting techniques. With my parent’s guidance (which saved me countless mistakes!!) I gained the confidence to create some of the ceramics seen here.

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