Teresa Wells

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Inspired by a moral upbringing, I possess an ethical consciousness along with a fascination for the question, “How do Humans Behave?” Through the medium of sculpture I explore the tenuous relationship between man and his society. Isolation, miscommunication, fragility and strength are most attractive. There is a need for me to express this in ways that reach out for shared experience. Employing an illustrative and baroque style to the recreation of the human form, I offset emotional theatrical posturing against strong geometric steel shapes, to illustrate that when we are alone, unsure and vulnerable that is when our true humanity comes through. We survive despite of our flaws and it is our whole selves that make us beautiful. The work ranges in size from 30cm high to 4 meters in bronze that celebrate man’s physical and emotional survival over adversity, inspired by the dynamic movements and resulting shapes produced by the human body particularly from athletes and dancers.

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