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The beauty and versatility of colours have captivated me from my childhood. My inspiration is fuelled by Mother Nature spreading its vibrant shades all around us. To extend my infatuation with painting, I graduated in Fine Arts from a reputed College of Fine Arts Chandigarh, India. 

The creation of my abstract landscape piece is through a dazzling journey to nature’s world of beauty. The initial marks evolve from an energetic dance around the canvas. The process is full of raw emotions and passion, leading finally to a piece projecting the soul’s serenity. 

Nature varies itself interminably and I continuously challenge myself to try different techniques. For me, every artwork has its own meaning and I like my viewer to make their own connection with the paintings. 

I increasingly aspire to continue to evolve my art style and inspire my viewers. I work with oil and acrylics as my favourite mediums.

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