Since the launch of Artisanry Co., our network of artisans, crafters and artists has grown steadily. As a brand, alongside the development and support of the community, we have always been committed to providing a sales platform that everyone can trust.

Through our virtual coffees, social media campaigns and blogs, we’ve helped makers take care of the business side of the creative process.

Now, we’re warming up to launch the online shop that will provide artisans, crafters and artists a safe and inclusive space for makers to promote, and consumers to purchase, their wares. Our online shop is coming soon – and here’s what you need to know to be involved.

The Heart of the Online Shop

The recent Craft Council report from May 2020 indicates that 73% of the total population are craft buyers, with an additional 15% acting as potential buyers.

The Artisanry Co. online shop will attract these buyers and sell bespoke products from a variety of creative disciplines, showcasing the various crafts and art available in the UK. The majority of profits from sales will be reinvested in supporting the community of makers.

The online shop focuses on quality and unique designs, encouraging consumers to support local craft and appreciate the time, care and personalisation that goes into producing each product.

Artisanry Co. focuses on positioning these bespoke items as high-quality competitors to mainstream, mass-produced products. Once the online shop is launched, our next step will be to develop a benchmark of quality that consumers can rely on.

We strive to showcase a variety of disciplines – from woodwork to glass art, to visual art and mosaic among others. If you’re a small, independent, UK-based maker creating unique, bespoke products, you may be just the type of maker we are looking to speak to.

Find out more about how you can join our community.

More Than Just A Shop

An ethical marketplace with transparent and fair pricing is not the only benefit of the Artisanry Co. online shop. The rest of the platform is geared towards creating a community of like-minded, independent UK-based makers and providing effective business guidance and support.

The Craft Council 2020 report also states, “Makers are harnessing technology to promote their work but need support in optimising their approach”. The report continues to highlight gaps in the artisan industry, including business development and marketing guidance.

Artisanry Co. fills these gaps.

We offer business guidance as well as a community to bounce ideas, discuss current trends and share tips. Mentorship is woven into the tapestry of Artisanry Co., and we encourage experienced makers to help guide and support younger members of the community, who are joining the industry.

The findings of the Craft Council 2020 report resonate with Artisanry Co.’s goals. Currently, there is no platform that is holistic or that offers both a marketplace and a community. By joining the community, you’re working within a supportive network, removing the concerns that are synonymous with working in isolation.

Get Involved

The online shop is ready – we’re just building our selection of products from our community of makers to showcase more effectively a functional store.

We want a portfolio of products to emphasise the bespoke nature of handmade products.

An appreciation of the process and the time it takes for handmade products to be made is something that our consumers will develop. We will also emphasise to the consumer that the majority of the profits from the sales will be invested back into the maker community.

By buying through Artisanry Co., the consumers will be able uniquely to support small independent makers and thereby the local economies. If you’re already a valued member of our community, please get in contact to find out how you can submit a portfolio of your work. If this is a new opportunity and you want to be involved, then you can find out more about joining the platform.