Did you know that more than 70 million people are on Pinterest? As a fast growing visual social media platform, it’s one that all artists and makers should be using.

Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service where users can save and discover information on the internet using images, GIFs and videos. It is a visual discovery engine that many use to find new recipes, home decor inspiration, fashion tips, share artistic ideas, and more.

When people use Pinterest they are pinning things they want to try and buy. Pinterest users are there looking for beautiful products and inspiration – almost every pin and object a user sees is taken personally. This makes Pinterest users more open-minded and click-happy than they are on other platforms. This is what makes Pinterest one of the best places and social media platforms to sell creative work online.


Learn How to Optimise your Pinterest Business Account in 8 Easy Steps:


Create your Pinterest business account here. Then follow the steps below and you will be on your way to success!



STEP 1: Create a Pinterest worthy Business account name

  • You’ve got 37 characters to work with, so take advantage of it.
  • Try to fit in a keyword that works for SEO purposes. Pinterest is a search engine, so do everything you can to make it easier to be found.
  • Add your business name next to the type of work you do, eg: Kat Designs Silver Jewellery

STEP 2: Verify your website on Pinterest

When you verify your website on Pinterest you come across as official and viewers can click to find out more about you outside of Pinterest.

STEP 3: Add your location

Enter your region and country to bring a personal touch to your brand.

STEP 4: Select 3 goals that you want to track on Pinterest

What are you hoping to achieve for your business by using Pinterest?

  1. To sell more products
  2. Generate more leads for your business
  3. Drive traffic to your site
  4. Create content on Pinterest to grow an audience
  5. Grow your brand awareness

STEP 5: Upload a suitable profile picture or logo

  • Whether you’re a company with a logo or an individual using a photo, the image needs to be of high quality.
  • This image should match your other social media profiles. Consistency is the easiest way of improving your corporate or personal brand.
  • Note: Stay away from selfies.

STEP 6: Create your Pinterest username

Your username does not appear on your profile, but it forms part of the URL for your profile. Your brand name is the most important so use it here so you are discoverable.

STEP 7: Write a keyword rich Pinterest bio

  • You have a maximum of 160 characters to write a bio that stands out and has strong keywords.
  • Use words that people would search for, it needs to be customer friendly, so no technical jargon!
  • If space allows, include a call-to-action to encourage people to do something while on your portfolio. Whether it’s to shop now, read more, or sign up for a newsletter.

STEP 8: Link your YouTube and Instagram to your Pinterest Business Profile

By connecting your Instagram and YouTube account to Pinterest, you’re more likely to get a higher volume of monthly viewers to your Pinterest profile and click-throughs to your Instagram and YouTube content.

Now that you’ve created a foundation and learnt how to optimise your Pinterest Business Account in 8 easy steps, make sure you continue to explore and find new and creative ways to market your creative business on Pinterest. It’s more than just beautiful images and sharing your work, make sure you connect with others and stay relevant – so keep those pins coming!

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