Have you ever heard of Batik Art? The traditionally Indonesian art style uses wax resistant dye on fabric to create detailed designs on a number of applications – most commonly fabric.

One of the perks of joining a community of makers is being exposed to these wonderful new art forms.

Rosario Mastrocinque is one of the earliest members of our growing Artisanry Co. community of UK-based makers. He brings a unique flair to the table with his mesmerizing Batik pieces.

What is Batik?

Batik art uses a tool to draw dots and lines on a piece of cloth. First, a pencil maps out an image, and then it is drawn over with hot wax.

This wax ensures that the pattern is resistant to the dye. Various techniques are then used to apply the dye before the wax is scraped off.

To discover how this works, watch Rosario’s video here:


How does Rosario balance his art and daily life?

Rosario sells his art in Edinburgh through various exhibitions as well as through commissions. He particularly likes doing commissions because they give him a target and he enjoys challenging projects that he has to research and create.

He shares, “Art has always been with me since I was a teenager. It’s something that I’ve always liked and I never want to let go. There are two parts of me – the creative Rosario, and office worker Rosario. The two go hand-in-hand.”

Over the years, he has created and sold a lot of his pieces. Despite not being a full-time artist, Rosario describes batik as his main flow in a creative way.

“It is not something that I do now and then, in fact, I do it all the time. It’s my flow, my life, myself. I have my studio here in Edinburgh so I dedicate a big part of myself to this.”

Art by Rosario Mastrocinque

Bringing a global art form to the UK-community

In 2010, Rosario left everything and decided to venture off on a trip around the world. Over the course of one year, he visited South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand. His experience was nothing short of amazing.

During his travels, he painted a lot. Rosario finds humour in backpacking around the world with art supplies taking up a fair amount of space in his luggage!

“It was quite challenging but also funny. For one year, my home was my rucksack and one-third of that was filled with art materials. I would send my paintings back home to Edinburgh. As batik is done on fabric, this wasn’t that difficult.”

When Rosario returned to the UK, he brought his newly-found passion of batik with him. Not long after his return, he did a successful exhibition of his work created on his travels. Rosario used his art to tell the story of his year of travelling through various amazing countries.

Rosario shares, “I tried to do a painting for each country I visited and I noticed that people were asking a lot about batik. I think art in Britain is a bit more conservative regarding the medium, in the sense that they are an art elite community. They consider true art to be oil and traditional media, but batik offers exotic media. So, it was a mixed review, but most of the people like it, although it has not yet become mainstream.”

As an art form, batik is more famous in other parts of the world such as North America.

The role that Artisanry Co. plays in marketing Rosario’s art

Rosario thinks of Artisanry as a new project that offers mutual benefits for both makers and the platform.

Rosario shares, “I am very interested in what they are doing. I think it is a great idea. It’s a great platform and opportunity for artists and crafters and all sorts of creative people. The fact that they give back to the community. I love that they provide the container and the artists provide the content.”

Viewing his collaboration with Artisanry as mutually beneficial, Rosario is excited to see where this journey will lead to what benefits will the partnership can bring to the artists. 

Rosario has sold paintings through exhibitions and commissions, but not online – at least not yet!

He shares, “So, let’s see what the collaboration with Artisanry brings to the artists. So far, we are still in the early stages. It is also up to me also to do work and refine my market.”

Artisanry. Co offers makers a platform to market their products – both through the upcoming eCommerce store, as well as through a network of like-minded creatives and far-reaching social media channels. 

Join the Artisanry Co. community

The mission of Artisanry Co. is to take care of the business side of the creative process. We invited small and independent UK-based makers, like Rosario, to join our network.

Our platforms give makers a safe and inclusive space to showcase their talent, sell their products and have access to a national network of makers for mutual support and growth.

We’re offering the first 50 makers to sign up a marketing package to the value of £200, including a bespoke maker story through video, five days of marketing through our social media channels and continued business support.

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