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Are you a UK based maker or artist?  

Is your work handmade? 

If so, you can apply to sell with us


First three months free and second three months at half price!

Minimum 6 months commitment required

Membership to Artisanry Co. sales platform provides significant benefits at no additional cost, as well as other services at discounted prices

Pricing Plan


8.0% + VAT*

Monthly / Annual Fee

Monthly – £8/month + VAT  

Annual –  £80 + VAT (12 for the price of 10)

Stripe Charge

1.4 % + £0.20p Transaction Fees

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Online Platform & Community 

  • No upfront cost
  • No monthly fee for 3 months, then charged at 50% discount for the next three months (**minimum 6 month commitment needed)
  • No listing fee
  • No additional payment processing fee (Discount of 1.4%)
  • Assistance with initial shop setup
  • Your own dashboard to manage your shop
  • No restriction on the number of products
  • Free periodic shop audits
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Free periodic ‘makers feature’ on the website
  • Free short video of your work
  • Networking and collaboration with other makers in the community

Marketing & Social Media

  • Includes paid advertising on social media and ppc
  • Marketing & promoting your profile on all social media channels
  • Periodic ‘Live Instagram Chat’  
  • Participation in  maker blogs
  • Discounted price for a professional maker video

Business Consultancy & Training

  • 30% Discount on all services for Artisanry Co. members
  • Access to free trainings and workshop resources

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Seller's FAQ

What is Artisanry Co.?

Artisanry Co. is the only UK based art and craft art and craft online sales platform that is run as a social enterprise investing ALL it’s profits back into the development of the community of sellers .

Artisanry Co. also provides business consultancy and training at a 30% discounted price to it’s sellers.

Why is Artisanry Co. different from other selling platforms in the UK?

Artisanry Co. is a social enterprise in the form of a Community Benefit Society (CBS) committed to reinvesting ALL it’s profits back into the development of the community of sellers.

In addition, Artisanry Co. is the only online sales platform in the UK that also provides business consultancy and training. We are also in the process of developing a proposition to offer micro enterprise finance for the support and development of the arts and crafts sector.

Why should I sell with Artisanry Co. rather than other currently popular platforms?

See 1 and 2 above.

In addition, our sellers are also eligible for a 30% discount on our business consultancy and training services.

We also encourage collaboration within the community and also with the platform itself, so we can support and help each other to develop, and become successful.

Please see ‘Sell with Us’ page for details of other benefits offered by Artisanry Co.

Who can sell on Artisanry Co.?

You can apply to sell with Artisanry Co. if you are a small and independent UK based maker and artist. We only curate our listings to ensure that they are the work of an independent maker or artist to preserve the integrity of handmade.

Please keep an eye on the website for changes in the future.

What is the pricing structure?

We charge a monthly fee of £8 + VAT and commission of 8% + VAT. Monthly fee can be paid monthly or annually. If you choose to pay annually, you can get 12 months for the price of 10.

Please see details on the ‘Sell with Uspage.

How do I get paid?

Payments are paid via Stripe (this can take up to 7-10 days). You will receive the cost of the order with commission and Stripe processing fees automatically deducted.

Why do you charge an additional 1.4% + 0.20p per transaction?

Artisanry Co doesn’t take this charge. This is charged directly by Stripe.

Can I try the platform before I commit?

We are currently offering 3 months free membership.

Please see details on the ‘Sell with Us’ page.

Can I try the platform before I commit?

We are currently offering 3 months free membership.

Please see details on the ‘Sell with Us’ page.

Is there a minimum commitment to sell with Artisanry Co.?

There is a minimum commitment to sell for 6 months. We ask for this commitment as we need time to build your profile and market your work to get results.

Am I still eligible to apply to sell with Artisanry Co. if I have a small manufacturing unit?

We only promote makers and artists who work on their own or in small teams.

Please contact us if you need more specific information as each case is different.

Do I have to sign a legal contract to sell my products?

Yes, you will have to sign a contract to sell your products with Artisanry Co.

Can I continue to sell on other platforms and through my own website?

Selling with Artisanry Co. does not preclude you from selling with other platforms.

How many products can I list?

This is entirely up to you. We don’t charge per listing. 

This is one of our USP’s! We encourage you to add as many products as you like.

Do you allow customers to get in touch directly with makers and artists on the platform?

Yes, we do! In fact, we encourage customers to meet the maker or artist wherever possible to promote better visibility of their work. And we rely on honesty that these sales go through the Artisanry Co. site.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please write to us on admin@artisanryco.co.uk and provide a 30-day notice.

Why do you charge the makers on the platform if Artisanry Co. is a social enterprise?

We charge the makers because as a social enterprise as we are self-funded and do not depend on any government grants or funds. On the contrary, we aim to put ALL our profits back into the company to deliver positive social impact by development and support of our community. This cost includes access to other perks such as training materials and community networking.

For more information, please check our social values section.

We are a social enterprise working with disadvantaged groups of people who create art and craft. Can we sell through your platform?

Yes, you can. As a social enterprise ourselves, we are committed to supporting charities and other social enterprises that work with disadvantaged people to create artisan work.

Please contact us for more information if needed.

Do you have special rates for other social enterprises and charities?

Yes, we do! Please contact us for details.

Do I have a say in how Artisanry Co. is run?

Absolutely! We love to hear your feedback and your suggestions. Unlike other platforms, we at Artisanry Co. are looking to collaborate with you so all of us can succeed together.

What is a Community Benefit Society (CBS)?

A community benefit society is run primarily for the benefit of the community at large, rather than just for members of the society. It has an overarching community purpose that reaches beyond its membership.

Can I become a voting member of the Artisanry Co. Community Benefit Society (CBS)?

Yes you can. As a seller, you have the opportunity  to join the Artisanry Co. CBS as an investor and thereby become a voting member.