Seaside Sandy Shore Pendant

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This necklace remembers long happy days walking along beaches in Cornwall, Dorset and the North Norfolk coast. I made this necklace to convey the sense of peace and happiness that I feel walking by the sea.


Beautiful hand made Cloisonné enamel on hand engraved silver in textured silver teardrop setting on an 18'' silver chain. The pendant measures 29 mm at it's longest point.

Bespoke seaside pendant

Linda Connelly Enamels

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Linda Connelly is an Enamel Artist and Jeweller. All her pieces are handmade by her from her studio in Surrey. Linda uses Vitreous Enamel which is fusing glass to metal in a kiln. Each piece is fired multiple times, for around one or two minutes each time, at between 800 and 1000 degrees C. She makes use of a variety of techniques ranging from traditional ones like cloisonné and champlevé to more contemporary and experimental ones including sgraffito, the use of wet process enamels and making her own decals. She likes to incorporate hand engraving under the enamel to enhance the piece and catch the light. Blending and shading different enamels to build up veils of colour to convey mood and feeling never fails to provoke excitement and anticipation as no two pieces are ever completely identical.

Linda’s work is informed by memory and stories. She seeks to incorporate and encapsulate these to inspire and define their wearer. She is inspired by her own travels in India and recent visits to Venice and Sicily together with the natural world, particularly pebbles and fossils which remind her of childhood holidays on the Isle of Wight and the Jurassic coast. Linda is a member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen, the Sussex Guild, Association of Contemporary Jewellers, Guild of Enamellers and the British Society of Enamellers.

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