Social equity strives for reduced inequalities by focusing on justice and fairness of social policy. You may be wondering, what has this got to do with sustainability? 

When people first consider sustainability, they normally consider recycling, reducing the use of plastic and conserving water. This pillar of sustainability is important, but it’s not the only one to consider. 

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The social equity dimension of sustainability refers to how burdens and benefits of different policy actions are distributed in a community. In this particular instance, the creative community. 

As an artist and maker, it’s important to be aware of the community around you, and the opportunities for sustainable growth in the form of social equity.

Striving for reduced inequalities

The United Nations have drafted 17 Sustainable Development Goals that they’ve mapped out to achieve by 2030. While many of these goals prioritise clean energy, water and sanitation, there’s also a big focus on building sustainable cities and communities. 

The United Nation’s 10th goal is ‘Reduced Inequalities’. The hope is that creating equal opportunity will contribute to a more sustainable future. 

To quote the United Nations; “Goal 10 seeks to make sure everyone everywhere has a chance to live a healthy and happy life.”

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Advancing Equity in the arts

This focus on politics, policy and sustainability is tied back to the creative community. 

Regarding community-centred arts and culture, principles-based policies are being developed and pursued that contribute to equitable development. These policies can be implemented on a broader, governmental level, as well as a local community level.

Arts and culture are essential for building community, supporting development, nurturing health and well-being, and contributing to economic opportunity.

The equitable development movement brings a racial and economic equity lens to community development.

The tools of arts and culture can accelerate equity, build communities of opportunity, and encourage broadly shared prosperity.

Equitable development is even more important in this COVID impacted environment given the economic turmoil and impact on mental health. 

Equitable development is therefore important and Artisanry Co. is leading this much-needed change to nourish the individuals that make up this community.  

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Ways to improve social equity and sustainability

At Artisanry Co., we strive for sustainability in all that we do. This includes social equity and creating local sustainable economies to support local economic regeneration within the arts and crafts community. 

While we aren’t in control of changing the local policies on a political level, we are able to upskill, empower and support creative communities that otherwise don’t have a platform.

Read more about our social impact here. 

Empowering women

Bhawna, Founder of Artisanry Co., is passionate about empowering women to be successful entrepreneurs in the creative space. As a woman in business herself, she is dedicated to encouraging and creating opportunities to help other women in the workplace, marketplace, and communities. 

This theme of women empowerment has organically progressed into the development of a Social Enterprise community and network that is focused on celebrating and connecting women in Social Enterprise. 

Visit Women In Social Enterprise’s Instagram page here.

Mentorship and training

While many makers are informed and business-savvy, many others struggle with the business side of the creative process. Artisanry Co. offers a variety of training opportunities and mentoring sessions that help to bridge the gap and empower makers from all backgrounds to upskill in various aspects of business and marketing. 

We also offer free resources that are available on our website to browse in your own time. In addition, we host regular free online workshops and offer access to a group of like-minded makers in a supportive community.

Representation and education

Our online shop and social media platforms are full of stunning creations by makers of all race, creed, gender and creative disciplines. If you have a skill, then we want to showcase it. We have a unique passion for empowering young makers and women in the creative space, giving these groups support to reach new heights in their creative business. 

We are also dedicated to further enriching these communities by investing 100% of our profits back into the development of sellers and their communities. At Artisanry Co., we believe in building local sustainable communities and highlighting the value of quality, handmade creations.

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Join the Artisanry Co. community

Are you a maker in need of business support? Artisanry Co. offers an online shop where you can sell your products and artworks, and have them be marketed on our social media platforms. 

We also offer a supportive community of like-minded makers that are also dedicated to sustainability in various forms. Find out more about joining us here, or contact Bhawna at bhawna@artisanryco.co.za for more information.