Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Any contract between the Maker and the Customer is governed by the Maker’s terms and conditions and the contract of sale between them does not include Artisanry Co. (Holding) CIC in that contractual relationship. The following terms are therefore for indicative purposes only.


Terms and Conditions for Customer

It should be noted by any buyer (‘Customer’) making a purchase through the Artisanry Co website that Artisanry Co. (Holding) CIC (‘Company’) contracts directly with the Makers who in turn warrant that a sale of goods contract will exist directly with the Customer and the Company will not be legally bound under any contract between a Maker and a  Customer.

However, for clarity, the following conditions will apply to any purchase of goods through the Company’s website: www.artisanryco.co.uk


  1. Customer’s Rights to Make Changes

If a Customer wishes to make a change to the Product ordered, the Customer must contact the Maker directly. The Maker has full discretion whether or not to accept the changes, e.g. it is the policy of some Makers not to offer refunds and to offer exchanges of a value equal to or higher than the value of the Product ordered. The Maker will let the Customer know about any changes to the price of the product, the timing of supply or anything else which would be necessary as a result of the requested change and ask the Customer to confirm whether he/she wishes to go ahead with the change. If the Maker cannot make the change or the consequences of making the change are unacceptable to the Customer, the Customer may request to end the contract but only in agreement with the Maker.


  1. Customer’s rights to end the contract with the Maker

If a Customer becomes aware of any defect or is unsatisfied with the quality or any aspect in all or part of the Product delivered, the Customer must give notice in writing to the Maker. Where it is agreed with the Maker that the Product be returned and where the Product returned is found to be defective or unsatisfactory in terms of quality or any other aspect, the Maker will, solely at their discretion, repair or replace the defective Product, or refund the price of such defective Product in full. This will be in accord with the Maker’s own policies and notwithstanding the protection afforded to a Consumer under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and all applicable Consumer Contracts Regulations (which protects the Customer as a consumer when buying online).


  1. Bespoke Products

In the case of any contract between a Maker and a Customer where the Product is earrings or other jewellery or personalised in any way, or made to order, handmade, tailored or bespoke, it is unlikely that the Customer will be entitled to return the Product or obtain any refund from the Maker. For example, in the case of such personalised, handmade or bespoke Products, some Makers provide that any perceived imperfections in the Product must be accepted by Customers as part of the charm of the Product having had been handmade as opposed to something mass-manufactured. However, for comprehensive details, please refer to the relevant Maker’s Terms and Conditions of sale and purchase, since in the case of particular Makers, the Customer may have the right to a refund.


  1. Returns Policy

If a Customer ends the contract with the Maker for any reason after a  Product has been delivered, the Customer must return them to the Maker by such method and within such timeframe as specified by the Maker.

Either the Maker or the Customer will pay the costs of return (or collection) of the Product. If you are the Customer, please check the return policy section of the listing posted by the Maker. For example, some Makers offer repair or replacement of the Product at no cost in the event of damaged or defective Products, provided that the Product is returned to the Maker within a reasonable period from the date of delivery, e.g. fourteen or twenty-one days.


  1. Refund Policy

Please refer to individual Maker’s Refund Policies. All Makers on the ArtisanryCo.co.uk Platform clearly state the terms and conditions of sale in their listings, including the information in relation to their refund or replacement policy. For example, some Makers offer an unconditional refund, whilst others assess each case on a case-by-case basis and others refuse a refund if they have already began work on the creation of the Product. Where the Product is personalised, handmade or bespoke, it is unlikely that the Maker’s terms and conditions will entitle Customers to a refund: see clause 3 above.


  1. Delivery Details

Please refer to individual Maker’s Delivery Terms. All Makers on the ArtisanryCo.co.uk Platform clearly state the terms and conditions of sale in their listings, including the information in relation to delivery. For deliveries outside the UK, Customers should make contact with the Maker before placing an order to confirm terms of delivery. Please note that Makers do not guarantee a next day delivery service to Customers, since Products may be personalised, handmade or bespoke, and as such, a period of time will be required for Makers to produce the Products before despatch to Customers. In such cases, it is unlikely that the Maker’s terms and conditions will provide a refund to Customers.


  1. Disclaimers and Miscellaneous

Please note that where the Products are personalised, handmade or bespoke to the order of the Customer, the Product may differ slightly (in shape, colour or otherwise) from the image of the Product listed and advertised on the website. If the colour displayed on the website is essential to your purchase of the Product from the Maker, please notify the Maker to that effect.

On request, most Makers can provide Customers with a certificate of authenticity for the original Product, which will be supplied on delivery of the Product.


  1. Coupons

Artisanry Co. may from time to time make promotional coupons or discounts available for use on the shop towards the purchase of a product/s. These coupons can only be redeemed while they are valid and their expiry dates are not extended. When coupons are published, individual terms and conditions will be listed underneath the relevant coupon campaign below this section. All campaigns that refer to the T&C’s for the use of a coupon code will be listed here, and needs to be read and understood before purchasing a product.