Artisanry to me is essential. I only have one pair of hands with which to sew and to paint, and sewing and painting is only half of what I have to do. A platform for people such as myself is essential for my moving onwards and upwards. I cannot afford the exhorbitant rates of craft shows, yet with my very positive return on sales I have made, I know my product will sell to a wider audience. But, how do I GET that wider audience at the same time as using my hands to make? Making is one thing, but then, there are the details, and all of it has a high price, new equipment, branding, labels, packaging, so how is it possible that I can get to a platform that will propel me, to borrow a phrase from the Olympics, “Further, higher and faster”? To purchase the brushes, the paints, the sewing machines, the upholstery courses, the transport and the space in which to work? Artisanry. It is for people like me, who share the same driven goals and aspirations and a place where buyers can find something new, to have a good turnover of stock to keep their businesses fresh and invigorated. Artisanry is the key I need to open the lock that restricts my having just one pair of hands.