For the past 10 years I have worked in the Third Sector and experienced first hand the challenges facing creatives and artisans in trying to secure affordable workspace and in setting up and establishing their practice. Often, the lack of a business or enterprise background is a serious barrier to development, no matter how talented or unique the work of the individual is. Edinburgh Palette has sought to bridge this gap through affordable studios, exhibition and event space, however tending to the bespoke needs of over 500 tenants is a major challenge for a small charity – particularly in resource and staffing terms.

From my meeting with Bhawna it is clear she has the business acumen and understanding required to assist creatives and artisans to succeed in their ventures. She is also offering her services for the right reasons, with a genuine understanding of the sector and a passion for the arts. This is an invaluable contact for an organisation like Edinburgh Palette to have as we can sign post creatives who may be starting out or seeking advice to Bhawna and Artisanry Co. The only real option up till now has been costly business advisors who are rarely in tune with the creative sector. We are very much looking forward to seeing Artisanry Co. develop and wish Bhawna all the very best with her initiative.