We’ve shared several golden nuggets of information, tips and thoughts from executive coach, Charlie Jackson. From thinking goals to creative wisdom, Charlie Jackson has provided valuable food for thought. This week, he dives into the mental adjustments needed to adapt to the ‘new normal’ that will undoubtedly follow lockdown. Charlie Jackson is an executive coach with five decades of experience, striving to help people achieve sustainable results. Charlie works with both individuals and teams to inspire integrity, confidence and mental resilience.

Exploring the ‘new normal’

Much has been written about the ‘new normal’ post lockdown with predictions about how lives will change forever and the world may be a better place … “when this is over I will …” 

For example, do you believe that we now perceive life differently than before the pandemic became the major challenge in our lives? Or are you waiting for the time that you can get back to the ‘old normal’? 

Without being pessimistic, I’m simply reflecting on how challenging it is to stick to a new way of living, eating, exercising, sustaining successful relationships in work and at home and, most of all, our thinking.

Overcoming challenges

So, what could stop you from following through on your desire to, for example, lose weight, improve your health and fitness, achieve the happiness and contentment you seek and to continue to develop your business?

I have noticed that the number of people who were walking and exercising at the start of lockdown diminished quite considerably as the weeks rolled on. Rather similar to the gym in January … packed with people early in the month and back to normal in February.

For many years when working with business teams I often asked the question “Whose business is your life?” After a few laughs, they agreed that they were indeed responsible for their lives.

Taking back control

So, first things first; once we accept that our life is 100% our own business, as business owners, it will be our individual responsibility to make the difference that we desire. When I set up in business on my own over 30 years ago I really loved the feeling of being in charge of my own destiny. And, despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, I still do. Only I can find the creativity to continue to develop my work and uncover alternative ways of attracting new business.

This is not being selfish. Instead, it is our reality. A reality that comes directly from our own thoughts. And, it is these habitual thoughts that ultimately drive our behaviour via our emotions. If these thoughts are still driving our behaviour after lockdown, then we will be unable to succeed in our desire to change in whatever way we wish. Only an awareness of the vital role our thoughts play will lead us to understand how to create our own personal ‘new normal’.

Only you can push the door wide open. Quieten your thoughts, access your creative wisdom and welcome in your new reality.