Paula Weaver, the maker behind Little Bun Designs UK, creates an enchanting collection of woodland and nature inspired cards and gifts. As a life long sufferer of OCD and anxiety, Paula relies on her inner creativity to forge her way through life with self taught skill sets, which range from bookbinding to freehand embroidery. In this guest blog, Paula shares her book binding tips and how she turns a pile of loose papers into a beautiful handcrafted treasure!

I recently found a collection of hand drawn botanical pages in the Victoria Mill Antique and Collectors Centre. Sadly they were not done on the best of paper, as is often the case with antique drawings, but so beautifully drawn, coloured and well worth preserving.

Because these were all loose pages it causes some limitation in the ways to bind them together. I therefore settled on a double fan binding technique, which I’ve outlined below.


First off I go ahead and trim the edges to get them ready for gluing. As these pages are old and hand cut, this needs to be done individually and with care. This also allows the advantage of keeping the hand cut effect to the opposite edge, which helps in maintaining its vintage feel.


Next is the fan binding, where I usually draft my dad’s help. It’s helpful to have an extra pair of hands so that someone can bend the book block one way and then the other while I glue it.

Once the book block is completed, with the addition of end papers which I added two to each end to add strength, it’s time to start work on the cover.


I’m lucky enough to have an industrial mount cutter to cut the boards to size. When it comes to the calculations for the sizes, I have to use my brain. The calculations for the board sizes are very precise. The space between the spine and the boards are always the same, and the spine width is determined simply by drawing its width across the board.


The board for all my handmade books, needle books and bookmarks are cut using offcuts from my parents picture framing business. This is important to me as it means that I take into account my items are sustainable to the industry, as these smaller pieces of board would otherwise end up in the recycling system.


Once this is all complete, we have successfully turned a pile of loose pages gathering dust into a lovingly handcrafted item to be treasured forever!

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