What makes Artisanry Co.’s online shop and eCommerce platform unique? 

We launched our online shop at the beginning of the month, upholding the same philosophy of support that we continue to follow, to develop and grow our community.  

Artisanry Co. is one of the only platforms that encourages engagement between the consumers and makers, with the emphasis on unique, bespoke commissioned pieces.  

As a social enterprise, our mission is to invest, develop, and grow UK-based small, independent makers and artists. This is fundamental to the Artisanry Co.’s business model. 

When a consumer purchases a product through the Artisanry Co. online shop, they are not only purchasing a product but are also helping Artisanry Co. invest in the development of the community of artists, crafters, makers and artisans in the UK.

It also means that if you join the community you are then involved in a platform with other like-minded makers, who are equally conscious of supporting each other while pursuing their own passion for art and craft as a sustainable business.

Earrings by Paula Cala Designs

Investing in Quality, Handmade, Bespoke Products

A Craft Council report released in May 2020 revealed an evolution in consumerism, highlighting that 73% of the UK’s total population are craft buyers, with an additional 15% as potential buyers. A fourfold increase since 2006. With the launch of Artisanry Co.’s online shop, these consumers have access to a growing and diverse range of quality, bespoke pieces, handmade to perfection, created with care, to browse and to buy. 

The shop offers products from a variety of creative disciplines, ranging from leatherwork to pottery and art to jewellery. The pieces are hand-crafted and created to be one-of-a-kind. 

By offering access to these products in a framework founded on fair and transparent pricing, consumers can be assured that the majority of the profits are reinvested in supporting the community of makers. 

In addition, the unbeatable quality of the handmade products encourages consumers to support local craft and develop an appreciation of the time, care and personalisation that goes into producing each product.

Silver jewellery by Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

A Flourishing Social Enterprise

Artisanry Co. has been described as “a small enterprise with a big heart”. Our constantly-growing community of makers produce unbeatable handmade products that can serve as functional items for the home, a quality gift for a loved one, or a stunning piece of art. 

As an eCommerce platform and network of makers, we understand the time and care that goes into producing these pieces. This is why we put our heart and soul into assisting the marketing efforts of each maker, and ensuring that the community is supported on an ongoing basis.

Landscape painting by The Suburban Artist

How to share the message

Artisanry Co. is quickly growing to be a popular platform – for makers and consumers alike. 

If you believe in supporting the local artists, artisans, and crafters in the UK, then you can support Artisanry Co. in a few easy steps. 

  • Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube)
  • Like and share posts of artists that tickle your fancy
  • Make Artisanry Co.’s online shop your buying portal of choice
  • Share the news about Artisanry Co.’s online shop and its focus on social impact

You can begin by browsing the work of the incredible artists and makers on the platform today. 

Shop Now!

If you’re a maker or an artist and want to showcase and be supported in the marketing of your products on a platform whose charging structure is clear and transparent, allows direct consumer engagement, and invests directly in positive social impact in your local economies, then you can find out more about joining Artisanry Co. here.