Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there’s no better way of showing your love than with a unique and bespoke handmade gift. Match your special love with an equally special present. From bespoke jewellery to quaint ceramics and luxury leather – we’ve got a wealth of Valentine’s Day gifts for you to choose from.

At Artisanry Co., we believe in supporting the art and craft industry in the United Kingdom. We offer a fair and transparent platform for local, UK-based makers and artisans to sell their incredible creations. To further support the industry, we commit to the reinvestment of 100% of profits in the development of our sellers and their communities.

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Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Are you looking for something special and meaningful for the lady in your life? Whether you want to show your love to a friend, a girlfriend, wife or even yourself – you won’t be short of options. Here are a few suggestions to get your thinking…

jewellery by artisanry

Bespoke Jewellery

Jewellery is an age-old gift that communicates a message of love. The jewellery available at our online shop raises the bar as each item is bespoke, handmade and uniquely crafted. Jewellery is more than a gift, it’s an investment that shows the depth of love and care.

From beautiful silver pieces to more abstract painted jewellery and carefully crafted stone-set items – there is something for everyone!

As an added bonus, we have several jewellery items on sale at the moment, just in time to spoil your loved one – or yourself!

handmade scarf gift for her

Stunning knitwear and textiles

Nothing suggests a cosy and intimate love like a handmade knitted accessory. There are several makers at our online shop that are talented in creating beautifully warm and eye-catching pieces.

Take your pick from big, knitted scarves, brightly coloured beanies and knitted clothing items. Wrap your loved one in a handmade piece of clothing that has been stitched together with passion.

Our textile items extend to household textiles that add a flash of beauty and personality to a room. These include hand-embroidered cushion covers that are a work of art in themselves.

handmade ceramics valentines day gift

Handmade ceramics

There’s something deeply personal and affectionate about a handmade mug. When someone is skilled in ceramics, their talents are showcased in a stunning end product that is timeless in value.

This Valentine’s Day, give a personal gift that is used on a daily basis. Browse our selection of handcrafted ceramics that are beautiful in appearance and useful in function. From fruit bowls and mugs to vases and butter dishes.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Sometimes men can be so difficult to buy gifts for. In the end, a timeless classic and sentimental gift is the best option. Gifts such as luxury leather items and special frozen moments can showcase love in a very special way.

luxury leather gifts for him

Luxury leather items

There’s something about leather items that exude a mood of classic elegance. The rich, earthy smell of a genuine leather product is synonymous with luxury and timeless use. Each of the leather items sold at our online shop is handcrafted with care using a variety of leatherwork techniques.

Whether you’re looking to gift an accessory such as a leather belt or hip flask, or something more personal such as a journal cover, there’s something for you. We even sell lovely leather household items that add a touch of class. Gifting a handmade leather item speaks volumes about how you feel for your special someone.

photography gift


Photography is a mesmerising art form that seizes a moment and freezes it in time. Giving the gift of photography for Valentine’s Day is a unique way of expressing love, capturing your feelings in a single shot.

If you’re looking for a special way to tell your special someone that you love them, then you can browse our stunning photography artworks available at our online shop.

Spread the love!

Each purchase that is made on the Artisanry Co. online shop supports a local maker. Small businesses have been struggling during the pandemic and buying a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift that is crafted with love by a UK maker is a fantastic way to share the love with your community.

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