At Artisanry Co., we’re dedicated to boosting the art and craft industry in the UK. Our hearts swell with joy when we see small and independent makers succeed, which is why we are passionate about empowering and supporting these makers.

If you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll remember that we released a post on the five essential business skills for creative industries. These include business planning, content design, email marketing, SEO basics and social media marketing – all skills that we offer bespoke 1:1 training sessions.

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Perhaps you’re wondering why these skills are considered essential. There are many ways that business coaching and mentoring and marketing techniques can boost your creative business. Here are just a few of them.

effective collaboration from business skills

1.   Effective collaboration

Art is self-expression, but it’s also a form of communication with those around you. Inspiration is drawn from designers, craftsmen, artists and artisans – all of which are a form of collaboration.

By working together, creatives also promote each other on their respective organic as well as digital channels which helps them grow their reach.

Having business skills will streamline this collaboration and give you the confidence to identify and harness the opportunities that are presented along the way. Knowing how you want your business to grow alongside other makers and how to make this a reality, largely boils down to marketing and business skills.

versatile business skills

2.   Build a versatile set of skills

With most people working from home, we’ve had to learn to collaborate and work together in new ways. This means that you can’t simply meet new buyers at a gallery or sell your products at a market. Instead, you need to be able to communicate effectively in an online world.

Areas to focus on are content, design, email marketing and optimizing your website for search engines. Having a versatile set of skills in an interconnected world opens up doors for doing business online.

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communicate with target audience

3.   Communicate with your target market

Artists and makers are brilliant at being able to express themselves with their hands, but verbal communication may be more challenging for some. As a creative, honing your business skills will give you the confidence to tap into your ideal customer. Understanding their buying behaviour plays a big role in your success.

In order to reach your target market in an effective way, you need to be able to communicate effectively. Honing your business and marketing skills is a great way to put you in control in these situations.

boost your creative business

4.   Boost your creative business

By signing up for business and marketing training, you are refining your entrepreneurial instincts which give your business the boost that it needs.

There are several highly successful business owners that are also very creative. In fact, their creativity is one of the reasons they find success. Successful business owners often have a creative team that helps them with that side of the business. As a creative, training will help you tap into your entrepreneurial side and reach the same success.

understand business landscape

5.   Better understand the business landscape

The business landscape is constantly changing and it’s important to stay abreast of all that happens. Certain aspects of business, like social media marketing, have regular updates and these have an impact on how your business benefits.

By booking a marketing training session, you can stay up to date with all of these updates and changes, as well as how they can be applied to your business.

Have you honed your business skills?

These are just a few of the many benefits that business training can have for your creative business. There are several ways to hone your business and marketing skills, such as watching YouTube videos or learning as you go. Often, this can be very time-consuming and you could miss out on opportunities to really target the skills needed for your specific business.

At Artisanry Co., we understand some of your particular challenges and we offer tailored 1:1 training sessions in various aspects of the business that are bespoke and interactive. If you need a boost and need guidance in achieving your business goals, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact Bhawna at bhawna@artisanryco.co.uk for more information.